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I am a retired Headteacher living in Warfield, Berkshire, England. I work as an editor and also write reviews of poetry for magazines. I am a member of the Management Team for SOUTH Poetry Magazine. My first collection, Close to the Edge was published in 1996 & won the prestigious ROSEMARY ARTHUR AWARD, currently it is not in print. My second collection, Short Stories : Suburban Lives and my third volume, Rough Music, have been published in England by BLUECHROME. My fourth volume was Choosing the Route, published by IDP

My work has been widely published in magazines, anthologies and on the internet and in translation.

My poetry has been broadcast on national & local radio in Great Britain. 



  Here is the full cover (front and back) of CHANGES


...and this is what is says on the back cover :


Patrick Osada's fifth collection explores the impact of change on every aspect of our

lives, from seasonal effects to those specific to people and places.  


CHANGES is a rich, varied collection, whose three sections, while distinct in tone

and theme, complement each other in satisfying and often unexpected ways.

'Seasonal' is characterised by Osada's keen evocations of the natural world and

celebration of seasonal variation. In 'At a Time of Unrest' the poet explores moments

and places and their significance, embracing the darker sides of human experience

with quiet yet compelling understatement. 'Keepsake' is more nostalgic and elegiac

in tone and proves a fitting conclusion to this moving, memorable and, above all,

deeply human collection of poems.” Jeremy Page, Editor The Frogmore Papers


Writing about CHANGES, reviewer and poet David Ashbee says :

"Patrick Osada has long been the master of traditional verse celebrating the natural

world. Here he extends his range to the changing environment and, especially

powerfully, his own family heritage."


A beautiful book about emotional weather, recording the bleak music of winter, wind and rain, loneliness and loss.” Andy Croft, Smokestack Books

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My first collection,winner of The Rosemary Arthur Award, is currently not in print.



Many small communities have lost their identities as they have been engulfed by suburban sprawl. Lives have been dramatically altered by the challenges of urban life.

This collection sets out to consider the varied and sometimes surprising events of suburbia. For some it offers a welcome  anonymity; for others it is a stage, but many remain isolated and lonely, living in a sea of houses...

 "Patrick B. Osada's second collection is the immensely confident work of a writer who combines accessibility with a fine appreciationof an enormous range of forms...Short Stories : Suburban Lives impresses with its length and diversity, and Osada, in returning to the village setting of Edward Thomas's famous poem, uses familiar form in a new way : in  Adlestrop Again he recovers something unexpected in the vastly changed, yet still evocative place :

Still no one left and no one came that way

So I drove on as skies grew mistier

Through rains of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.                Adlestrop Again

In this apparently desultory imagery and rhyme, breathes an intrepid and important new English voice."                          WILL DAUNT                  ENVOI   


   In ROUGH MUSIC, I have attempted to record many everyday and seasonal events of the place where I live. I have been doing this for a number of years and many of the bucolic poems from my earlier collections are also set in this area of Berkshire.

I claim nothing exceptional for Warfield - in terms of history, scenery or wild life. There are places with more tales to tell, areas that are more beautiful, or enjoy exotic or protected flora or fauna. What makes it special for me, my neighbours and the many visitors who come here to walk, ride or cycle is the very fact that much of Warfield remains untouched and unspoilt in an area riven by motorways and so close to the concrete towers of “New Town” Bracknell…. It is still possible to be in touch with a life and landscape which has been obliterated by “planners and developers” in other less fortunate villages.

This collection is, in part, a response to the plans of the local council and developers to build up to 2,200 house on semi-rural land, changing for ever the nature of this area...

Once the bulldozers move in the deer, that have roamed this area for 1,000 years, will move on and with them many other species will leave.

With tarmac and streetlights Warfield will be submerged beneath a sea of houses, its traditions and rural atmosphere destroyed…

In the face of “progress” and the mindless plans of those happy to see Warfield turned into an “urban extension” of Bracknell, I offer up these poems as a celebration of local life and scenery and a warning of what we stand to lose.

"In his third volume, Rough Music (bluechrome), Osada's lyricism and social concern are again evident. In the Warfield Poems his poetry is lyrically bucolic. However, his pastoral themes are underpinned by a concern with loss and the potential ravaging of village and countryside by planners and property developers. Away from the countryside Osada populates his collection with a diverse range of characters - some famous, some iconic. He again demonstrates a lively concern with contemporary issues and attitudes, all reflected through a prism of compassion and wry humour."

  "This collection shows great strength of feeling and achievement...ROUGH MUSIC has a substantial core of finely crafted poems which will stand the test of time."

James Roderick Burns                                  NEW HOPE INTERNATIONAL REVIEW

 Osada is a poet able to work with emotion, a poet who can take small events and small places, observe them precisely and elucidate them with a deft touch to reveal our shared humanity and the moments of connection."

    Jan Fortune-Wood,                                     Coffee House Poetry




 “How do we live our lives? – In hope or despair?

Whilst some navigate the world with careful planning, others are reactive and impulsive…

What part is played by destiny, chance and happenstance?

 In Choosing the Route Patrick B. Osada celebrates life’s journey.

His poems are insightful and engaging. He views the natural world and human relationships with compassion and sometimes through the lens of sardonic wit.   From the lyrical lament of star-crossed lovers, to a gritty exploration of divorce,his poems shift in shape and time, yet retain a remarkably honest, authentic and   demotic voice.”

Indigo Dreams Publishing


 Published by Indigo Dreams Publishing            ISBN 978-1-907401-13-8


CHOOSING THE ROUTE (recommended retail price £7.50) for £5.50 (including postage and packing).


 contact me at  ptrosada@aol.com


“It is always good to get a refreshingly traditional collection of poetry to read – the ‘simple’ pleasure of having the bounce and music of rhyme and alliteration to carry you along…And this is getting to be a rarer pleasure as contemporary poetry wanders lost in the wilderness, unsure of its bearings or direction.

Patrick Osada is another poet who’s work has matured and settled wonderfully. His collection, Choosing the Route (Indigo Dreams Publishing, £7.50) is wide-ranging in subject matter and every turn of the page brings new ideas and images that paint pictures in the mind…”

Review by Kevin Bailey in HQ Poetry Magazine 43/44 (September 2014)